About Us

ViewLiveEvents Streaming Solutions can send video and audio of any event live on internet while it’s being held - events like Meetings, Weddings, Gatherings and Birthdays to viewers around the world, allowing them to watch it from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

It doesn't matter how far away your viewers are, they will still be able to attend your event online! Our professional and courteous staff will take care of everything, ensuring a perfect webcast and giving your online guests the best experience possible.

ViewLiveEvents offers webcasting event management, streaming media portal development, maintenance, training, man power supply and streaming technology consultation. We partner with Studios, IT Organisations, Event Managers, Videographers and who have the skills to produce live events. We help them with Website Design, Software, Hardware, Training, Promotional Material and Dedicated Support.


  • Unique website: Get a special website with pages like Profiles, Invitation, Photos, Videos and Guest book etc
  • Trained Professionals: We send extensively trained professionals to the event place with complete equipment
  • HD quality video: We capture Video from HD Cameras and send the same quality Video to the viewers
  • Fun stuff: Enjoy your event by playing games, solving brainteasers, reading jokes in break time without losing patience
  • Chat & Comment: You can comment and chat with all the viewers and get support & updates instantly
  • Video Archives: Watch the complete event Video archives on the same page once the event is completed